London at first sight

Welcome to my blog and my very first post, my friends 🙂


Let’s see what London can show and say in 5 hours.

IMG_4208aOnce we landed at the airport, the first thing that caught my attention was the ethical diversity among the airport staff. The second is the positive attitude, English people are very polite, well-organized and well-mannered, and this is an ethnic particularity. We used to hear many stereotypes about the locals. The first impression I got from people at the airport made me break these stereotypes in my mind. Instead, I was greeted with warm treatment, and amazingly, immigrants learned to act the same way.
IMG_4192aI spent only 5 hours in the city but it was enough to fall in love with London. Indeed, this city is unique. You will not be able to find anything like it in the entire world. Generally, Great Britain is located on an island which makes it a country untouched by other cultures. In addition, the country has a rich history; especially London – the city with a long biography as a capital.


In addition, the city is also diverse in terms of architecture. The center of the city is a wild mix of style, architecture and history. If you look at it from the top, it is not beautiful as it has no united concept or style.



However, the center of London is extremely beautiful when you observe its different areas separately. You can’t find the environment you feel here anywhere else. It is a crazy mixture of different historical periods. You can walk along the main street full of small busy cafes then accidentally wander into a silent narrow street with a small catholic church, as if something from the medieval times. At its end, this tiny street will lead you towards a huge modern glass building. The whole center of London is like a maze where you want to get lost and find your own path to the exit.



The London underground is pretty confusing on one hand. In fact, their underground system is well-organized and logical when you carefully follow all the signs. Also, it is very similar to the US subway, especially in New York. It was nice to notice that many people read newspapers on the trains. Even on the Heathrow express (express train to/from the airport) BBC News is played in the background.


I was always curious to see whether the weather in London is as bad as people usually say. Yes, it is very changeable. Within 30 minutes it can change from sunny to cloudy, then rainy and again sunny. So you better have an umbrella while you are here.


I noticed that English people have their own taste in style. It is strict and perfect. On my way from Big Ben to the Tower Bridge I met a lot of nicely dressed up people. The majority of men wear suits and women also prefer a modest and well-matched look.

In the end, I would like to say: leave all your stereotypes behind and definitely visit this incredible capital. This is a place you have to visit at least once in your life and learn about its great history and culture.