🍨🍮🍭🍪☕️ WAF-WAF in Prague


Recently, a new creperie has been opened in Prague around the Letna area, its name is as fun as its waffle toppings, but more on that later. As a huge fan of anything and everything sweet, I could not overlook the place and paid a visit a few days after its opening. 


The café has a system; how does it work? You have 3 options: waffles, sweet pancakes or salty pancakes. Next to the cash-desk you take a menu from which you can select the type of pancake or waffle you want and pick any kind of dressing or syrup. If you like to get creative, you will end up having not only delicious, but also colorful dessert: a waffle with lots of sweets and sprinkles. The menu lets you mix it up, so go wild!

I decided to go with something a little more low-key, so my choice was a Nutella Waffle, but I promise to make it much more interesting next time!


1.Wafle+Nutella+Oreo+Straberry+Whipped Cream 2.Wafle+Nutella+Rafaello+Straberry+Blueberry+Whipped Cream

Of course, you have your standard drinks menu: there is tea, coffee or, if you want dessert that is sweeter than sweet, there is always juice or milkshakes.

What’s also great is that if you are having a day out with younger siblings or your kids, this is a great place to spend breakfast or lunch. They will love the food and they will love the children’s corner.


So, if you are in Prague 7 (📍Milady Horákové 818/52), definitely check this place out and find your favorite waffle 😉