May 31st – a significant day for all the Nutella lovers. The first ever Nutella café in the world has opened. Where? Of course, in my lovely Chicago. It was the grand opening: for the first three hours, it was open only for VIP guests such as celebrities and food bloggers. From 2 pm until 8 pm it was open for everyone else. Not surprisingly, the line to enter was very long, stretching at least a hundred meters from the entrance. We didn’t feel like standing in line for hours would be a good idea, so we decided to come back the next day.

IMG_6188On June 1st, the line was only slightly shorter, even early in the morning, it took us at least thirty minutes to get a table.

A bit about the interior, the café’s main hall has an awesome open kitchen and a very homely room with a fireplace that is surrounded by red sofas. IMG_6218The large windows give you the chance to observe the North Michigan Avenue. Generally, the café’s interior is quite simplistic and the guests feel comfortable because of the relaxed atmosphere. IMG_6196aaEveryone was happy to take pictures by the massive Nutella logo at the exit door, a great way to remember the visit.IMG_20170601_134752

When the opening of the first Nutella café was announced, everyone was curious about the menu. We knew, more or less, what to expect– Nutella being the café’s theme. Finally, we got the chance to check it out. The menu has the same variety of desserts as any other good bakery. In the menu, you will find crepes, waffles, croissants, different kinds of pie, muffins and fruit salads. Surprise, surprise, the food’s center of attention is Nutella. ☺

We ordered the strawberries and Nutella crepe, the seasonal fruit hand pie, the Liege waffle, and the Panzanella fruit salad with yogurt.IMG_6213You will find drinks and pre-dessert snacks in the menu too – panini, salad, soup – great if you are craving salty before sweet.

To be honest, I was expecting something a little more special: an unusual dessert or meal that would be a first at the café, otherwise everything on the menu can be cooked or baked at home. 

The prices are fair, lower than expected, but the portions are smaller too.

This place is a must-visit for those of you who can’t imagine breakfast, lunch or dinner without Nutella. Besides, the interior is so cozy, it almost feels like home where you can always have a little snack or a big meal.

Nutella café has the best possible location in the city, it is right in the center of the Loop, one block away from Millennium Park: 189 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago.


Later on we hit up in the LondonHouse to continue enjoying the view of Chicago 😉

Have a great weekend!