Michael Jackson’s HOUSE (Gary, Indiana)

On another one of my mornings in Chicago, I decided to join my sister on a road trip to Indiana – Illinois’s neighboring state that is a 2-hour drive away from Chicago. As we were in a completely new area, we agreed to explore around a little and found out that Michael Jackson was born in one of the small cities close to Michigan lake. For all the fans – the name of the city is Gary, the population is around 78,000 people.

The town is quite small, but it does have its fair share of shopping centers, cinemas, theaters, and restaurants. Of course, the main reason for which it gets so many visitors is the house where the King of Pop himself was born. It was quite easy to find, as it is located on an intersection named after the Jackson family (Jackson Family Blvd 2300 Jackson St.), so the directions were pretty clear. 🙂


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On the outside, a high black fence that keeps the fans out is the only way in which the house differs from the neighboring houses. Of course, nowadays, nobody lives there, so the place is more of a tourist attraction.


If you go inside, you will find a monument with his picture, date of birth and death. On the back side, you will see his short biography and pictures of him at different stages of his life. By the way, it is not the place where Michael Jackson was buried, as his grave is in Los Angeles. The house is there as a nice memory and a way to remind the locals about the pride of the city.


I think people on the street are used to “tourists”. When I was taking pictures of the monument, the postman who was passing by recommended to take photos from the back as well. Haha, this was how I found his biography and photos. It was also fun to leave a note on the whiteboard for visitors, we couldn’t miss the opportunity.IMG_6342

Unfortunately, we did not have a pen with us instead we used a lip liner 😀

IMG_6346Discovering the Jackson family house without meaning to was a very pleasant surprise for us. While popular tourist attractions are always a must on your travel itinerary, wandering into a non-touristy area is always a refreshing way to spend the day, you never know what you can find. I am almost sure that we were the first visitors from St.Petersburg there (well, according to the whiteboard at least). The impression you get once you see the house is quite special. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years it won’t be there anymore. IMG_6368