FairyTrip to Neuschwanstein


No matter how old we are, everyone loves a fairytale because of its magical power to bring us back to the sweet memory of childhood. The tender moments when we believed in the magic our mothers told us about when they tucked us into bed. The stories were all about kings and queens, castles, heroic deeds and, of course, beautiful love. It has always been so, that people loved fairytales, even in the 19th century, when Ludwig II of Bavaria decided he loved them so much, that it was time to build a real fairytale castle on the rocky slopes of the Alps. And so, two centuries later, on a beautiful September day, my friends and I set out on a five-hour journey to explore the great castle of Neuschwanstein and all its surroundings – near and far.



We arrived at the destination by noon and any trace of “car lag” was gone as soon as we saw the view. As if trying to reach for the stars, the wondrous castle is located on the very top of a mountain. From far away, it looks as a realistic Disney castle would – magnificently breathtaking. For a moment, you feel like a child whose dreams of seeing a real-life fairytale had finally come true. The castle is surrounded by endless thick forests, we were lucky to be there when the color of the trees was a gorgeous autumn gold, but surely enough, each season’s color has its own beauty. From the top of the hill, patches of blue lakes can be seen and from a distance you can hear the pleasant murmur of a waterfall. We filled our lungs with fresh air and for a moment made the time stop standing on top of the mountain and observing the picturesque view that made the heart happy and the mind fresh with inspiration.IMG_0172

For many of us, the entire day was full of first time experiences that left unforgettable memories. I am very glad that Europe has so many new things to offer – every time giving us the opportunity to experience a beautiful storm of new emotions.