Saturday evening is the time when you just want to leave all your work behind and spend some relaxing time out especially if its rooftop party season. Our plan was to attend a MOΓ‹T party at the Cloud 9 bar located on the rooftop of Prague’s Hilton.img_7375b-e1498141742664.jpg

When it comes to weekend evenings, my rule is to always try clothes that I am not able to wear during the week days. I am not afraid to experiment and go for daring outfit, my advice to you is to do the same πŸ˜‰IMG_7341b Read more ›

Fairy Blue DressπŸ‘—

Finally, summer is here, it’s June!

Hopefully, all the rain and wind are going to stop and we will have real summer days in Prague. But during the windy days, we can still create a chilly summer look during the work week.

The crucial role of the whole outfit is played by, no doubt, the blue ASOS dress. It reminded me a little of old-fashioned denim overalls, and we all know that fashion tends to come back.IMG_7158c

Of course, this dress doesn’t look like the ones our moms wore in the 80s. It is a wonderful combination of an old-school dress with contemporary details like the wide belt and the narrow hem with a long cut on the back.


To complete the look and make it more suitable for the windy weather, I decided to match the dress with a white sweater which was the perfect choice for a casual office look. The sweater is a V-neck that is parallel with the dress’s shoulder straps, so everything looked symmetrical.Β  Read more ›